TagPrintPRO v2.0 Data Table printing blank label

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Article ID:  KB000267

Modified:  10/15/2007

Printing of blank label when using data tables

Error is sometimes caused by a blank cell that has been highlighted or entered into but left blank.  For example, if you had a data table of 10 rows in colume A, but moved the cursor or selected row 11 (cell A11), TagPrintPRO will print a label for cell A11 even if the cell is blank.  This is designed for some users to have a blank seperator in a group of labels, but can also cause extra labels to print when the user doesn't want them.  If you notice extra labels printing and it wasn't intended, please use the following procedures:

1.  Start Excel and open a blank worksheet.

2.  Highlight the exact cells you want in the datatable in TagPrintPRO and then paste those cells into the blank worksheet in Excel.

3.  In TagPrintPRO, you will need to open a new datatable.  You can do this by File > New > Datatable.

4.  Copy and paste the data from Excel into the new datatable in TagPrintPRO.  Make sure not to "touch" any cells outside of you data.

5.  Rename your datatable to the same name as the one that was printing blank labels.

6.  Completed.

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